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  Early Drug Development in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Industry







Epitome Pharmaceuticals identifies, develops and licenses promising medications and technologies. Investigation is conducted by reading the scientific literature, discussing anomalies and questions with leaders in their fields, and by statistical reanalysis of published data. Once a remedy has been identified and intellectual property rights secured, we proceed to advance the development of the medication. We clarify regulatory issues through close cooperation with regulatory agencies. Based on our research and the prospects for a specific medication, we may file an IND and initiate Phase I or Phase II trials.

Ultimately, Epitome Pharmaceuticals seeks to license its intellectual property to a partner (or partners) with the resources and capabilities to complete clinical trials, secure regulatory approval and bring a product to market most effectively.

Twin Sample™ Biopsy Needle featured at AACR Annual Meeting 2016, April 16 – 20,
New Orleans, Louisiana · Booth 2337

American Association for Cancer Research

  Twin Sample™ is a trademark of Epitome Pharmaceuticals Limited.
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