Cold Sore Prevention

On October 26, 2011 the US patent office allowed the Epitome Pharmaceuticals patent for a lip balm formulation containing 1% Vitamin C and 2% green tea extract, as well as an enhancer for absorption.

The formulation (temporarily named "TeaBalm") delivers significant amounts of these prized ingredients into the lips, without leaving a greasy feel. Green tea extract prevents damage from UV light and reduces chapping of the lips better than conventional chap sticks. Several patients have prevented occurrence of cold sores repeatedly by twice-daily use of the balm. 

Cold sore are troublesome lesions on the lips that recur at least once a year in one of every four people in the West. Approved medicines prevent up to 22% of sores when applied promptly; TeaBalm prevented 100% of sores in five patients, over a five year period, when applied at the first sign of onset, in advance or before cold sore triggering events. 

Commercialization of the patented formulation can proceed with support from industry partners; please contact us if you are interested. Named patients are welcome to join our continuing efficacy study.