The Twin Sample Biopsy Needle harvests two tissue samples in one pass, one for conventional pathology and the second for molecular diagnosis.

If the pathologist finds tumor tissue in the first biopsy, the second sample can be extracted for testing in molecular assays. 

Paired samples with minimum intrusion

Slides from twin samples of fresh ex-vivo prostate.

2 samples in 1 pass

One sample satisfies pathology and ethical requirements for patient treatment, leaving the second available for molecular assays. Since the second mirrors the first, the pathologist’s findings tell you what is in the second sample. Get the Right Sample for precision medicine.

Sample Custody

The fresh sample is processed by one extraction lab to provide aliquots of analyte for everyone. No more tracking multiple blind biopsies or finding the remaining block inadequate.

High quality tissue

Fresh tissue is best for molecular assays. With a median sample size of 3.5 mg, there is more than enough DNA, RNA and protein to satisfy requirements for all assays and preserve analyte for the future, Eliminate between-sample variance and have everyone testing the Right Sample

Requires a Team Approach

Precision medicine protocols necessitate a coordinated approach, for example:

  • Oncologist orders biopsy and tests (justfying 16G needle)
  • Interventional radiologist performs twin sample biopsy in one pass
  • Pathology does Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of the first sample
  • Molecular pathology lab performs extractions
  • Molecular labs specify requirements for aliquots
  • Pathology findings on first sample slides optimally accompany molecular aliqouts
  • Biobank retains extra material for future use

In this way getting accurate results – without contradictions – can become routine. 
See The right tissue samples for precision medicine – a proposal paper below.


The right tissue samples for precision medicine - a proposal 

Twin Sample close ups

FDA 510(k) and CE approved

  • Operates like a conventional biopsy needle – no training needed.
  • Available as 20 or 25 cm, 16 gauge with disposable actuator
  • 16G Twin Sample yields two samples equivalent to 18G conventional needle
  • ASCUT disposable automatic actuator
  • Echogenic centimeter markings and tip
  • Smooth, symmetrical tip guides easily
  • Complete kits, with biopsy needles, transport jars and pre-addressed shipping containers, can be shipped to multiple sites

A Better Biopsy Needle  

Manufactured for Epitome Pharmaceuticals to the highest quality standards by Kaneko MediX in Japan. Actuators, packaging, sterilization, and worldwide distribution are provided by GTA Medical Products S.r.l. of Italy. Patents issued in Japan and USA, pending in European Union.

Manufactured for Epitome Pharmaceuticals to the highest standards by Kaneko MediX in Japan. Actuators, packaging, sterilization, and worldwide distribution are provided by GTA Medical Products S.r.l. of Italy. FDA 510(k) and CE Mark. Patent issued in Japan and USA. Patent pending European Union.