COVID-Tea, fast and effective treatment for COVID-19

Our colleague invented this concept and conducted a trial in Italy in the fall 2020 surge, treating 10 patients at home; all received the treatment per protocol. They had a positive swab and symptoms of mild-to-moderate disease, including 5 with IL-6 levels >5x normal. 7/10 had a negative swab for COVID virus at a median of 6 days. All 10 were free of all symptoms by the end of the 11 days of treatment. This pilot trial will duplicate their course of treatment. Click the link below to download the published trial paper.

We are currently completing a Pre-IND submission to the US FDA and expect a rapid review. We need collaborators for the pilot clinical trial: 

  1.  Clinical investigators to recruit and treat 10 subjects per block, added blocks as they complete.
  2. Funding to accelerate the trial. 
  3. Pharmaceutical company to partner the treatment through Phase 3, NDA and distribution.

Thank you for your consideration. Please get in touch.

(212) 882-1788 after 9 AM Pacific time (California)