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Topical Treatment Products for Headache Pain
Epitome Pharmaceuticals holds patent application on a topical treatment to reach the cerebral circulation for headache pain and other indications. The active ingredients in these product formulations are safe and currently approved for other indications.

The inventor tested the lead product, a topical headache gel or HAGel, and demonstrated 74% effectiveness in a clinical trial involving over 100 patients with severe, recurring migraine headaches. Similar topical preparations can also be developed for post-spinal headache, menstrual headache and fever reduction.

Epitome conducted an FDA- and Health Canada-approved clinical trial of the headache medication in 2003 in forty patients against placebo at four separate investigation sites in Nova Scotia. Results were mixed; only a few patients responded, but responders' migraines disappeared within 30 minutes. A final report on this trial has been filed with the FDA.

The product formulation in this trial was not adequate. Future research on this project would involve working with a formulation company to improve delivery of the active ingredient. The next trial will have to be considerably larger. There are no plans to advance research on this medication in the near future, although future clinical trials are possible incorporating lessons learned.

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