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Stabilizing dose-response of anticoagulants
Epitome has unraveled the dose-response algorithm for warfarin and other coumarins. Patients’ dose-response curves are stable as long as their medical condition is the same; we can detect shifts of as little as 10% of dose when they receive an interfering drug, and therefore provide guidance for a new optimum dose. The algorithm derives the patient-specific parameters for sensitivity to coumarins, their optimum dose, the time their bodies take to respond to dose changes and their inherent variability. more —>

Twin Sample™ Biopsy Needle (Now available)
The Twin Sample biopsy needle was invented to address the need for fresh tissue for molecular assays. The needle harvests paired samples with minimal intrusion, one for the pathology and the other for your lab. Manufactured for Epitome Pharmaceuticals to the highest standards by Kaneko MediX, Twin Sample needles are distributed worldwide by Gallini Medical Devices of Italy. more —>

Cold sore prevention (Patent approved)
Epitome Pharmaceuticals holds patent on a lip balm formulation containing 1% Vitamin C and 2% green tea extract, as well as an enhancer for absorption. The formulation (temporarily named "TeaBalm") delivers significant amounts of these prized ingredients into the lips, without leaving a greasy feel. Green tea extract prevents damage from UV light and reduces chapping of the lips better than conventional chap sticks. Several patients have prevented occurrence of cold sores repeatedly by twice-daily use of the balm. more —>

Topical Treatment Products for Headache Pain
Epitome Pharmaceuticals holds patent application on a topical treatment to reach the cerebral circulation for headache pain and other indications. The active ingredients in these product formulations are safe and currently approved for other indications. more —>

  Twin Sample™ is a trademark of Epitome Pharmaceuticals Limited.