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Twin Sample™ Biopsy Needle
The Twin Sample biopsy needle was invented to address the need for fresh tissue for molecular assays. The needle harvests paired samples with minimal intrusion, one for the pathology and the other for your lab. Manufactured for Epitome Pharmaceuticals to the highest standards by Kaneko MediX, Twin Sample needles are distibuted worldwide by Gallini Medical Devices of Italy. more —>

Licensed Products

Polyphenon® E for the treatment of HPV infections
Mitsui Norin Company, Japan / MediGene AG, Germany

In 1997 Epitome Pharmaceuticals Ltd. licensed from Mitsui Norin Company (Japan), a patented method of treating external genital warts through the topical application of Polyphenon® E green tea extract. Within two years, Epitome sublicensed this technology to MediGene AG, a publicly traded German biotech company. MediGene and Epitome collaborated on a multi-centre Phase II trial. In October 2006 the US FDA approved Veregen®, the first botanical approved under new regulations. more —>

Topical Therapy for the treatment of chronic pain
Dalhousie University, Canada / EpiCept Corporation, U.S.A.

In 1999 Epitome Pharmaceuticals Ltd. licensed from Dalhousie University (Canada) a patented method for treating neuropathic pain through the topical application of a formulation containing ketamine and amitriptylline. Shortly thereafter we licensed this technology on to EpiCept Corporation (nka Immune Pharmaceuticals) more —>

Twin Sample™ is a trademark of Epitome Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Veregen® is a registered trademark of MediGene AG.
Polyphenon® is a registered trademark of Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd.