Twin Sample™ Biopsy Needle

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Twin Sample™ Biopsy Needle

The Twin Sample biopsy needle harvests two tissue samples in one pass, one for conventional pathology and the second for molecular diagnosis. If the pathologist finds tumor tissue in the first biopsy, the second sample can be dissected to provide matching tissue for testing in the molecular assay.

Two samples from one pass, one for pathology and one for your lab.
Twin Sample Bippsy Needle - Sample chambers Cross section

Manufactured for Epitome Pharmaceuticals to the highest standards by Kaneko MediX in Japan. Actuators, packaging, sterilization, and worldwide distribution are provided by Gallini Medical Devices of Italy. FDA 510(k) and CE Mark, December 2013. Patent issued in Japan. Patent pending in USA and European Union.

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Twin Sample Biopsy Needle Brochure (362K PDF)

Complications and needle gauge, a review of the literature (270K PDF)
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