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Paul T. Wegener, Epitome’s founder and President, is a graduate of Caltech and Johns Hopkins. After working at Clonetics Corporation, he became active as an entrepreneur in a number of biomedical start-up companies since 1990. Mr. Wegener was a co-founder of Firezyme Diagnostic Technologies, which developed an innovative test for sperm viability using bio-luminesence.

Scientific Advisors

Karl Beutner, M.D., Ph.D., CMO Anacor Pharmaceuticals, former director of Solano Dermatology Associates, and Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of California at San Francisco, is a leading clinician and authority on skin disease.

Michael Fearon, Ph.D., independent statistician.

Yukihiko Hara, Ph.D., former Director, Food Research Laboratories, Mitsui Norin Company, isolated the active ingredients of green tea in the 1980s and made them available to biomedical research. His group did a great deal of pioneering work on the activities of tea catechins, as well as exploring the wide variety of health benefits delivered by these compounds. His book Green Tea; Health Benefits and Applications remains the classic textbook on the subject. He is currently a consultant in Tokyo, guiding green tea research and development in several contexts.

William C. Topp, Ph.D., is Venture Partner, TVM Capital (fna Techno Venture Management) and General Manager, Biotechnology Associates. Bill helped Epitome Pharmaceuticals locate MediGene and another commercial partner for successful license deals. He has managed a number of biotechnology companies and serves as a consultant to several venture companies and businesses.

Early Drug Development in cooperation
with the Pharmaceutical Industry